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As the beginning of the competitions approaches, we would like to remind you to the following:

  • This is the official list of instruments accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions May 2016. Don't forget to bring cables for your instruments.

Approved Instruments

This is the official list of instruments accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions May 2016

Entry fee payment process

In the CIVL plenary meeting it was decided that there will be change in the entry fee payment process.

Entry fee only for #1 ranked nation - ITALY is to be paid to the FAI CIVL account:

Pre-registration open

Registration for the 19th European Class 1 and 7th World Class 5 Hang Gliding Championships, to be held between 16th and 30th of July 2016 in Krushevo, Macedonia, is now OPEN. The organizers VFM and XSC Sports Club, would like to ask all NACs interested in participation on these events, to register their national teams using this registration form.

Local Regulations Approved

Local Regulations are approved by CIVL. In the following days NAC's will receive email invitation with entry form. NAC's will have to submit entry forms containing names of the pilots that will be constituting their national teams in their respective classes:

Registration of teams

Registration process for teams will start as soon as Local Regulations are approved by CIVL. From the time of LR approval until 15.04.2016 NAC’s will be asked to submit lists with pilots names that will be constituting their national teams in their respective classes.

Team sizes are:
• Hang Gliding Class 1 – 5 pilots 
• Hang Gliding Class 5 – 3 pilots

2015 Pre-European

Pre-European Championship was a great success. Many satisfied pilots, families, friends, and staff, great flying conditions, parties and most importantly -- no complaints, made the competition as great as it was.

The FINAL results are as follows:


The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI - The World Air Sports Federation, founded in 1905.


NAC - active member of FAI


The XSC hanggliding and paragliding club is founded in year 1991 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.


  • Krushevo, Republic of Macedonia

Event Dates

  • 16th - 30th July, 2016