Local Regulations Approved

Local Regulations are approved by CIVL. In the following days NAC's will receive email invitation with entry form. NAC's will have to submit entry forms containing names of the pilots that will be constituting their national teams in their respective classes:

• Hang Gliding Class 1 – 5 pilots,
• Hang Gliding Class 5 – 3 pilots.

and optionally names of the pilots that can be selected in case of extra allocation rounds.

Entry forms has to be sent to the organizer not later than 15.04.2016.

All pilots must meet general criteria according to Section 7 and Local Regulations and are subject of approval by Screening Committee.

Download Local Regulations


The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI - The World Air Sports Federation, founded in 1905.


NAC - active member of FAI


The XSC hanggliding and paragliding club is founded in year 1991 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.


  • Krushevo, Republic of Macedonia

Event Dates

  • 16th - 30th July, 2016