1st Round Allocations 2016

Dear Flying friends,

Please be informed that the 1st round of allocation of spots for the 19th HG Europeans Class 1 and 7th HG Worlds Class 5 has been completed.

You can find the allocated spots per Nation on the following links:

Class 1 | Class 5

We would like to ask each NAC to start with the entry fee payment process as per the LR.

In order for the allocated spots to be reserved, the entry fee payments must be made in the next 30 days i.e. by 15th of May.


As there are 19 more free places and we would like to welcome as much as possible pilots, each NAC is encouraged to send requests for additional pilots to be part of the Europeans and Worlds.


Based on the payment status, the additionally submitted requests for participation in the following 30 days and the outcome of any Exemption request, we will publish a new final allocation table on May 16th.