As the beginning of the competitions approaches, we would like to remind you to the following:

  • This is the official list of instruments accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions May 2016. Don't forget to bring cables for your instruments.
  • Airtribune has been chosen for live tracking for 19th FAI European Hang Gliding Class 1 & 7th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championships. All the pilots need to register themselves with their Airtribune account. If you are one or the confirmed pilots in Class 1 or Class 5 you need to register here. The organization will provide the SIM cards and the pilots will be responsible for using them in flight.
  • To participate in the coming Hang Gliding European Class 1 and World Class 5 championships, pilots need a FAI Sporting Licence. Such licence must be registered online by your national association. Physical paper licences have no value. More info on  FAI Sporting Licences Validity Check here.
  • Only waypoints that will be uploaded in your instrument on official registration can be used as official during the championship.
  • Pilots must fly with certified helmets that must be presented for check at registration.
  • Each pilot must know and write down on signed document his sprog measurements. Sprogs must be set in range of the values certified by the manufacturer.
  • Each pilot must present insurance as stated in Local Regulations

Please familiarize yourself with Local Regulations, Sporting Code - General Section - Edition 2016, Sporting Code Section 7 - Common - Edition 2016 and Sporting Code Section 7A - Edition 2016