1st Round Allocations

1st round of allocation of spots for the 20th HG Europeans Class 1 and 8th HG Worlds Class 5 has been completed.

We would like to ask each NAC to start with the entry fee payment process as per the LR. In order for the allocated spots to be reserved, the entry fee payments must be made by 8th of May.


Entry fee for Italy and Australiais to be paid to the following account:

FAI CIVL bank account details:
Address: Crédit Suisse Private Banking
Rue du Lion d’Or 5-7
Case postale 2468
CH – 1002 Lausanne
Account name: FAI-CIVL Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Account Number (Euro): 0425-457968-32-6
IBAN Code: CH63 0483 5045 7968 3200 6

Please, in subject of payment state the member NAC, indicate CIVL IDs of all the pilots you are paying for and that the payment is the entry fee for :
- 8th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship ID 12124 or
- 20th FAI European Hang Gliding Class 1 ID 12125 5

In case you pay for pilots in both championships, write:
- World HG Class 5 ID 12124 _____ Euro and European HG Class 1 ID 12125 ____ Euro.

All other entry fees are to be paid to following bank account:
Swift Code: OHRDMK 22
Account Number: IBAN: MK07530922000002293

All payments must be paid with OUR clause.

Please indicate CIVL IDs of all the pilots you are paying for and that the payment is the entry fee for the European/World Hang Gliding Championships and the event number 12124 and state the member NAC.

Bellow you can find the allocated spots per Nation:

20th FAI European Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship Pilots

Nation Pilot Status  
Italy Christian Ciech ✅ Confirmed  
Alessandro Ploner ✅ Confirmed
Davide Guiducci ✅ Confirmed
Filippo Oppici ✅ Confirmed
Marco Laurenzi ✅ Confirmed
Anton Moroder ✅ Confirmed
UK Grant Crossingham ✅ Confirmed  
Gordon Rigg ✅ Confirmed
Dave Mathews ✅ Confirmed
Carl Wallbank ✅ Confirmed
Ollie Chitty ✅ Confirmed
Darren Brown ✅ Confirmed
Andy Hollidge ✅ Confirmed  
Malcolm Brown ✅ Confirmed
Kathleen Rigg ✅ Confirmed
Austria Thomas Weissenberger ✅ Confirmed  
Christian Preininger ✅ Confirmed
Christian Tiefenbacher ✅ Confirmed
Dietmar Tschabrun ✅ Confirmed
Raimund Kaiser ✅ Confirmed
Alexander Sigl ✅ Confirmed
Günther Tschurnig ✓ Waiting for payment  
Joseph Salvenmoser ✓ Waiting for payment
Wolfgang Siess ✓ Waiting for payment
Thomas Fraissl ✓ Waiting for payment
Michael Hofmann ✓ Waiting for payment
Philipp Hofmann ✓ Waiting for payment
Czech Republic Dan Vyhnalik ✅ Confirmed  
Petr Benes ✅ Confirmed
Petr Polách ✅ Confirmed
Jiri Gut ✅ Confirmed
Petr Tucek ✅ Confirmed
Vlastimil Bartas ✅ Confirmed
France Francois Isoard ✅ Confirmed  
Eric Mathurin ✅ Confirmed
Christian Pollet ✅ Confirmed
Antoine Saraf ✅ Confirmed
Laurent Thevenot ✅ Confirmed
Eric Wyss ✅ Confirmed
Switzerland Benedikt Braun ✅ Confirmed  
Damien Zahn ✅ Confirmed
Alain Woeffray ✅ Confirmed
Markus Eyholzer * ✓ Waiting for exemption
Beat Howald ✅ Confirmed
Germany Primoz Gricar ✅ Confirmed  
Roland Wöhrle ✅ Confirmed
Gerd Dönhuber ✅ Confirmed
Corinna Schwiegershausen ✅ Confirmed
Jörg Bajewski ✅ Confirmed
Kajo Clauß ✅ Confirmed
Hungary Attila Bertok ✅ Confirmed  
Balazs Ujhelyi ✅ Confirmed
Endre Kovács ✅ Confirmed
Laszlo Okros ✅ Confirmed
Attila Kis ✅ Confirmed
Zsigmond Toth ✅ Confirmed
Elek Czigler ✓ Waiting for payment  
Tibor Borbely ✓ Waiting for payment
Spain TBD ✅ Confirmed  
TBD ✅ Confirmed  
TBD ✅ Confirmed  
TBD ✅ Confirmed  
TBD (Ataúlfo J Fernández Montero) ✅ Confirmed  
Slovenia Matjaž Klemenčič ✅ Confirmed  
Franc Peternel ✅ Confirmed
Stanislav Galovec ✅ Confirmed
Peter Kejžar ✅ Confirmed
Janez Grm ✅ Confirmed
Joža Frim ✓ Waiting for payment
Netherlands Arne Tänzer ✅ Confirmed  
Gijs Wanders ✅ Confirmed
Mario Campanella ✅ Confirmed
Joost Eertman ✅ Confirmed
Araldo van de Kraats ✅ Confirmed
Sander van Schaik ✅ Confirmed
Emiel Jansen ✅ Confirmed  
Russia Gennadiy Khramov ✅ Confirmed  
Anton Struganov ✅ Confirmed
Alexandra Serebrennikova ✅ Confirmed
Anton Bondarenko ✅ Confirmed
Alexander Barvinskiy ✅ Confirmed
Maxim Usachev ✓ Waiting for payment
Walentin Teraud ✓ Waiting for payment  
Norway Olav Opsanger ✅ Confirmed  
Erland Åmot ✅ Confirmed
Johnny Nilssen ✅ Confirmed
Tormod Helgesen ✅ Confirmed
Belgium Jochen Zeischka ✅ Confirmed  
Turkey Kamil DEMİRKAN ✅ Confirmed  
Canberg Özveren ✅ Confirmed
Macedonia Nikola Barakovski ✅ Confirmed  
Poland Mikolaj Przezdziak ✅ Confirmed  
Slovakia Jaroslav Sojka ✅ Confirmed  
Ivan Plucinsky ✅ Confirmed
Lithuania Justinas Pleikys ✅ Confirmed  
Saulius Guobuzas ✅ Confirmed
Bulgaria Vesselin Jeliazkov * ✓ Waiting for exemption  
Non European class 1 pilots accepted
Australia Jonny Durand ✅ Confirmed  
Trent Brown ✅ Confirmed  
Steve Blenkinsop ✅ Confirmed  
Josh Woods ✅ Confirmed  
Brasil Konrad Heilmann ✓ Waiting for payment  
Japan Yoko Sano ✅ Confirmed  
Akira Nagusa ✅ Confirmed  
Hiroshi Onuma ✅ Confirmed  

* pilots that does not meet the criteria according to FAI Sporting Code, Section 7A, 2.2 Eligibility to Compete. Application for an exemption must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Green next to CIVl id means that it's team pilot. Others compete as individuals.

8th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship Pilots

Nation Pilot Status
Germany TBD ✅ Confirmed
TBD ✅ Confirmed
TBD ✅ Confirmed
TBD ✅ Confirmed
TBD ✅ Confirmed
TBD ✅ Confirmed
Austria Rudolf Heer ✅ Confirmed
Alexander Höll ✅ Confirmed
Arnold Nadlinger ✅ Confirmed
Anton Raumauf ✅ Confirmed
Andreas Sand ✅ Confirmed
Helmut Zeferer ✓ Waiting for payment
Japan Shogo Ota ✅ Confirmed
Naoki Itagaki ✅ Confirmed
Takashi Yanagita ✅ Confirmed
Takashi Matsuda ✅ Confirmed
Toshiyuki Shishido ✅ Confirmed
Nobuhiro Okada ✅ Confirmed
Spain Carlos Puñet Pellise ✅ Confirmed
United Kingdom Tim King ✅ Confirmed
Mike Armstrong ✅ Confirmed
Paul Harvey ✅ Confirmed
Neville Almond ✅ Confirmed
Neil Atkinson ✅ Confirmed
France Patrick Chopard-Lallier ✅ Confirmed
Italy Luca Comino ✅ Confirmed
Ukraine Oleg Skirko ✅ Confirmed

There are at least 6 available places available for the 2nd allocation depending on payments and exemptions. Each NAC and individuals are encouraged to send requests for additional allocations.

Based on the payment status, the additionally submitted requests for participation in the following 30 days and the outcome of any Exemption request, we will publish a new final allocation table on May 9th.

Pilots that want to be part of the second allocation can register using the following form.