Flying area

The competition area is in the Middle –South West part of the country. It is the biggest flatland (valley) in the country named Pelagonia, surrounded with three independent mountain chains on the North, East and West and open to the south to Greece and to the mild influence of the typical Mediterranean climatic zone.

Bellow is the flying venue with all the waypoints. Only waypoints that will be uploaded in your instrument on official registration can be used as official during the championship. These waypoints are for reference only in order to get you familiarized with the flying venue.

Take off

Covering NE, E, SE wind directions, elevation 1450 m asl, suitable for up to 150 competitors, only 2 km from the town of Krusevo (where accommodation and HQ will be located) via asphalt access road.

The start is covered with sporadic green grass mainly dried one, generally clean, without any kind of obstacles, surrounded with nearby woods with heavy shadow for briefing. It is characterized with highly defined “house” thermals making beginning of the task as well as start pylon waiting quite easy. It is on the top of the mountain with broad view, so it is easy for MD to monitor beginning of the task, possible overcrowding or another safety risks.

We are using this take off in the 90% of the flying days.  

This take off can accommodate up to 150 pilots with plenty of room for rigging the gliders. The take off procedure can be executed with three launching lines in parallel.  


In general landing fields are not an issue as it is a flat and wide valley and we are able to organize official landings almost everywhere. There is an ample space to land in the flatlands in any case.

Fencing of the properties is not a common practice. Landowners are generally kind and supportive, though precautions for non-destruction of crops are to be taken into consideration as always.