General Info

Organizing NAC:

Competition organizer: Sport Club Cross Country XSC – Petar Caulev 38, 6000 Ohrid.
On behalf of: Vozduhoplovna Federacija na Makedonija – Miroslav Krleza n°1, Skopje


Official Registration: 08/07/2018 – 6 pm – 10 pm – @HQ, Krushevo. 
Opening ceremony/Parade: 09/07/2018 – 6 pm – Krushevo City Center. 
Team leader meeting: 09/07/2018 – 08:30 – HQ. 
Mandatory Safety Briefing: 09/07/2018 – 09:30 – HQ. 
Official training day: 09/07/2018. 
Complimentary Dinner: To be advised. 
Contest flying days: 10/07/2018 – 20/07/2018. 
Prize-giving & Closing: 21/07/2018 – 12:00 – HQ.


The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 140.
The maximum number of pilots expected in Class 1 is 100.
The maximum number of pilots expected in Class 5 is 40.
The numbers being “expected” means that if there are too few pilots in one Class and too many in another, numbers will be readjusted in agreement with CIVL Bureau.

Number of pilots constituting a national team in Class 1 is 6.
Number of pilots constituting a national team in Class 5 is 6.

Entry Fee

The Entry fee will be:
- 450 Euros per pilot.
- 250 Euros per team leader / assistant.
Team leaders who are also pilots in the competition will pay only the pilot entry fee.

Local regulations

Local regulations - Modified April 9, 2018


Instruments accepted for FAI First Category Events

Waypoints files

Only waypoints that will be uploaded in your instrument on official registration can be used as official during the championship. These waypoints are for reference only in order to get you familiarized with the flying venue. You can download ZIP file with waypoints in the following formats:


Bellow is the flying venue with all the waypoints.